The First Month

Wow! It has already been a month since I started full-time as the Executive Director of Hope’s 2nd Chance Animal Sanctuary. What a wonderful month it has been; I absolutely love working on this mission and growing the organization!

Here is some of what I have done with my first month:

  • Applied for multiple grants totaling $91,230 to support my salary, veterinary care and pet supplies and food.
  • Created a store for continuous funding through selling shirts, bags, and mugs. View here.
  • Set up AmazonSmile for donation and our Amazon Charity List so donors can purchase items to support our foster program effort that are then sent directly to us.
  • With the help of a wonderful friend, created this new website that allows more capabilities to support H2C.
  • Created policies for H2C, including personnel, intake, and care policies.
  • Picked up over $300 worth of cans for donation.
  • Continuously met and communicated with other organizations, businesses, supporters, and potential supporters.

This month has showed us more than ever before how much our organization is needed. Check out this WZZM13 story and this story from a local survivor:

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